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Endeavor is the leading global community of, by, and for high-impact entrepreneurs.

Founded in 1997, Endeavor unlocks the transformational power of entrepreneurship by selecting, supporting, and investing in the world’s top founders of tech-enabled startups to help them achieve large-scale impact. Today, Endeavor’s network spans nearly 40 markets and supports more than 2,100 high impact entrepreneurs, whose companies generated, in 2020, combined revenues of over $28 billion, reported more than 3.9 million jobs, and raised over $4 billion in capital. In addition, Endeavor Catalyst, a rules-based, co-investment fund that only invests in the companies of Endeavor Entrepreneurs has $250 million in Assets Under Management (AUM) across three funds and has made 180+ investments in 30+ markets to date, counting with 26 unicorns in its portfolio. Endeavor’s unique entrepreneur-first model, peer-to-peer community, and trust-based network provides a platform for founders to dream big, scale up, and pay it forward to the next generation.

Endeavor aims to transform the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Puerto Rico by integrating founders into a global community that is driving innovation-based economic development across borders.

Endeavor has a crucial role in Puerto Rico’s entrepreneurial ecosystem given their mission to support entrepreneurs at an international level. This is an organization that differs because of its global point of view where the entrepreneurial community has presence in Latin America, Asia, the United States, (amongst others). Logically, we’re seeking to grow the economy locally -to expand to new horizons- and that global component will give US (as Endeavor Entrepreneurs), and other entrepreneurs in the community looking to expand their companies, the opportunity to think outside the box and seek those new horizons.

Carlos Nieves

Co-Founder and CFO of Connect Assistance

At Endeavor Puerto Rico, we believe that high impact entrepreneurs are key in making up the fabric of what the island will become

The entrepreneurs through our selection process show our impact goes far beyond the island

Data as of July 31st, 2021

Represents combined data from 25 active candidates besides the 5 formal Endeavor Entrepreneurs


Endeavor Entrepreneurs


Companies Through Selection

2,200 +

Combined Jobs Created


Verticals Represented


Operating Regions

$ 408 M+

Combined Revenues Reported

“Endeavor gives its entrepreneurs the perspective and platform to create value at a global scale while maximizing their positive impact in their local communities.”

— Carlos García, Founder & CEO of Trip Ventures



Our 14 pipeline companies gain new skills while building a global network to leverage opportunities for growth



Our high quality network includes 60 local and over 100 international mentors ranging from Thailand to Colombia and beyond

Connecting Entrepreneurs through High-Impact Moments

367 Moments Of Impact



This includes 30 commercial introductions, 23 market entry meetings and more than 16 investment related connections of which 2 resulted in an investment.



Including regional events, cross-border Endeavor Entrepreneurs meet-ups, multi-market corporate partnership events and many more.


Professional Development Programs

Curated for Endeavor Entrepreneurs and their C-level executives by some of the best academic institutions in the world


Mentoring Hours

Our top-notch international mentors have been major contributors in creating moments of impact for our entrepreneurs

Want to learn more about the tech sector in Puerto Rico? Download our Evaluation & Network Analysis of the Puerto Rico Tech Sector

Meet Our Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Jason Borschow

President & CEO

Abarca Health

Carlos García

Founder & CEO of Trip Ventures

Trip Ventures

Leandro DeArmas

Co-Founder of Andiago


Antonio Ortíz

Co-Founder & CEO

Connect Assistance!

Carlos Nieves

Co-Founder & CFO

Connect Assistance!

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